Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Sahabat Lama" Freebie Collab, March 2010

Starting this month you'll see something different in our collab freebie.

First, we have another new member name Mizz Kitten, I don't know who found who, but we are surely lucky to have her in our group. Welcome to the club Mizz Kitten :).

Second, you'll have a chance to learn Bahasa (Indonesian language)! Not much though, but at least you will learn one or two words because starting this month we will be using Bahasa for our freebie collab title ;).

Third, after almost a year in collaboration, we have reached to some point when we decided that we need a name for our group and one of our member came up with one brilliant idea, the name is
Jak-Art-a Scrappers. Jak-Art-a or Jakarta is the name of our capital (Indonesia's capital city). Well not all of us live in Jakarta, but the name will remind you where we come from :).

This month freebie was hosted by Pixelily Designs, the theme she picked up is "Sahabat Lama" or "Dear Old Friend" in English. So to all friendship around the world, here is our collab freebie in a new packaging....

Sahabat Lama Collab Preview

Here is my part

and here is the link to grab my kit

So I hope you will enjoy it. Don't forget to collect all kits from other girls' blog

Happy Scrapping dear friends ^_^!