Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jejak Petualang Collab Freebie

Yay....after missed last month collab preview, I could not escape again this time since I am the host of this month collab. The theme is "Jejak Petualang" or more or less adventurer's footprint in English, but I like to translate it into adventure. So here it is...

My part

Click HERE to download

Don't forget to collect all from Aprilisa, Eirene, Maria, Qoqo, Mizz Kitten and Pixelily
Happy Scrapping ! ^_^

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Collab Freebie - "Rumah Kita"'s time for freebie of this month.... Aprilisa Designs is our host for April, and she chose a theme "Rumah Kita" in Indonesian or more or less "A Place to Call Home" in English. This month we have two additional member, both are very talented designers, we are really proud that they joined our monthly collab. Welcome Qoqo and Eirene ^_^!

So without any more word, here is the preview of April collab

and here is my part.


Don't forget to collect all from the girls: Pixelily Designs, Aprilisa Designs, Utski Design, Tritya Creations, and two new members Qoqo Studio and Eirene.

Happy scrapping every one...don't forget to come back next month for another freebie! ^_^

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Utski Designs at Polkadot Plum

One of Jak-Art-a Scrappers' member, Utski Design, now is being exclusive inPolkadot Plum. The grand opening was April 1st. If you hurry you still can catch up 35% off in her store. The discount will be closed on April 7th, 2010, so don't forget to stop by to her store.

And here is one of her kit in Polkadot Plum, You Look Wonderful Tonight

Isn't it gorgeous? ;)

and here are two layouts I made with this kit, you know I'm not very good in making layout, but her kit make it easier to work with :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Sahabat Lama" Freebie Collab, March 2010

Starting this month you'll see something different in our collab freebie.

First, we have another new member name Mizz Kitten, I don't know who found who, but we are surely lucky to have her in our group. Welcome to the club Mizz Kitten :).

Second, you'll have a chance to learn Bahasa (Indonesian language)! Not much though, but at least you will learn one or two words because starting this month we will be using Bahasa for our freebie collab title ;).

Third, after almost a year in collaboration, we have reached to some point when we decided that we need a name for our group and one of our member came up with one brilliant idea, the name is
Jak-Art-a Scrappers. Jak-Art-a or Jakarta is the name of our capital (Indonesia's capital city). Well not all of us live in Jakarta, but the name will remind you where we come from :).

This month freebie was hosted by Pixelily Designs, the theme she picked up is "Sahabat Lama" or "Dear Old Friend" in English. So to all friendship around the world, here is our collab freebie in a new packaging....

Sahabat Lama Collab Preview

Here is my part

and here is the link to grab my kit

So I hope you will enjoy it. Don't forget to collect all kits from other girls' blog

Happy Scrapping dear friends ^_^!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentie Freebie

Yea...I've missed the last collab freebie on January due to lack of ability to spare some times for playing with photoshop :) but guess what....I managed to do it this month. And this month collab was hosted by our new recruited member Utski, we are so excited but also sad in the same time cause this month we miss two of our contributors Tritya Designs and Nona's Creation. Tritya resigned from scrapbook so she could focus on her family and work, and Nona's Creation skipped this month collab because of her personal reason. Hopefully she will be joining us again soon.

The theme for this month collab as you can guess is about valentine day..."My Funny Valentine" to be exact. But we want to be different so our host chosen a refreshing color theme instead of pink. Pink is not the only color to show us about love, isn't it ;)? Just check it out and you won't be sorry.

Hold your breath is the collaboration preview

and here is my share......

you can download the kits from HERE

As usual don't forget to grab the other gorgeous kits from Aprilisa Designs, Utski Designs, Yanti Scraps and Pixelily's Designs

Hope you like it and happy scrapping ^_^!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Ties Freebie Collab

What?! another freebie already??!! Yup! it's time for another freebie for you freebie lovers ;-).

This month collab was hosted by AprilisaDesigns and you know what, although we are not celebrating Christmas, but she picked the color scheme that really suit for the Holiday theme but will also work for any other occasion as the theme for this month is "Family Ties". Just check out the preview below.



and here is my share...

As I mentioned in my previous posting, I am not very good in making a lay out....luckily this month host is so generous to make a lay out for my kit, please take a look.....

I never thought that my kit could be made a lay out that beautiful....hehehehe...big thanks for Lisa :-).

Don't forget to grab the other kits from my colleagues in Aprilisa's blog, Nona Creations' blog, Tritya Creations' blog, Pixelily's blog and Yanti Scraps' blog

Last but not least....Happy Holiday for those who celebrate it, wish you have a good one and may this holiday bonds your family tighter than ever.

Happy Scrapping ^_* !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Comfort.....

It's time for another freebie. I almost didn't make it to join the monthly collaboration. My new job has taken so much time from me. Luckily I managed to steal sometimes between my resting time to make this freebie. A "get away" medicine from the stressful job I have... :). This month collab was hosted by YantiScrap, "Chocolate Comfort" we call it. A monochrome earthy color. So here are the previews



And here is my part
(Click image to download)

So we hope you like it. Don't forget to grab it from other blogs: Pixelily Designs, Nona's creations, Yanti Scraps, Aprilisa Designs, and Tritya Creations.